5 Key Questions To Ask A DC SEO Internet Marketing Provider, Include on an RFQ/RFP

by Avatar in Blog July 26, 2013

It’s really pretty simple to filter out the “Joes” from the “Pros”, when searching for a high-quality, professional and experienced resource to help with your local online marketing needs – particularly here in the DC and Northern Virginia. You may need SEO (search engine optimization) help, website design/development help, social media or other online, interactive marketing and PR help. Where can you find the best help, how do you separate legitimately capable firms from the legions of shady, black-hat or offshore purveyors?

Ask these 5 simple questions directly, quickly – you’ll be able to quickly determine whether to move ahead with a more detailed conversation, and negotiate a really helpful, valuable relationship with a solid, well-known and respected services provider.

The reasons for these questions should be self-evident – but if they’re not, contact us to discuss further.

  1. Are most of your current clients in this area, and are you available in-person and active (online and offline) in the “Local Buzz” – i.e. local business and economic development community?
  2. Have you been in business for at least 3, and preferably 5 years?
  3. Have you provided integrated, online digital marketing services to at least 50 clients, and preferably to clients in related industry segments? All sizes, from the largest corporations/agencies to the smallest entrepreneurs, Mom and Pops?
  4. Do your Principles have at least 5-10 years of both professional digital marketing and Internet technology backgrounds, including professional certifications?
  5. Do you offer deep skills and experience in all four pillars of a successful digital marketing program, i.e.
  • Digital Marketing, Advertising, Copywriting & Communications,
  • Responsive, Creative Design and User Experience (UX),
  • Internet Technologies and Content Management, and
  • Project Management & Engineering.

(Hint – you don’t get all this, the way you need it, from a Web Design Firm, a PR or Advertising Firm, an “SEO or Social Media Expert”, an Ad Directory Service, a Media Publisher or an Out-of-State or Offshore Technology Firm.  Not going to happen.)

Get the answers to these questions, then verify – look up the profiles, activities and backgrounds of the provider’s leadership, staff and/or partners.  Don’t just use plain ole’ Google, use LinkedIn, Slideshare, Twitter. It should take very little time and effort to determine whether the provider you’re considering, is worthwhile to consider.