We’re Here to Shake Things Up

KME.digital is a collection of advertising experts, designers, programmers, engineers, writers, and social specialists who are dedicated to ROI-positive digital marketing. Our team is as diverse as it is cohesive, and our industry experience unifies us under our banner: Look Sharp, Get Found, Take Off. Serving Northern Virginia, Maryland, DC, and Nationwide brands since 2005, our claim to fame is our obsession with ROI, tracking and analytics. We help our clients understand which advertising campaigns are most effective, how users are interacting with their web properties, and the best ways to leverage digital marketing. We’re here to disrupt the industry: with no long term contracts, complete transparency, and custom reporting for every client, it’s our mission to be different.

Our Approach

We let business owners run their businesses instead of trying to handle every aspect of their digital presence and marketing, which is a full time job. We like to get to know our clients and their businesses in order to understand how best we can serve them. We’re open to any degree of involvement from a client, meaning that you can spend as much time as you want to working with us. Our monthly meetings feature in-depth reporting on client-determined key performance indicators (KPIs) drawn from a number of analytical sources including Google Analytics, search engine tracking software, call tracking, and more. We believe that a brand should project an ethos that’s consistent with the owner’s operating philosophy: we’ll always get your approval before making changes. We also believe that you should have access to everything. You’ll have the keys to the castle, and we’ll never build a mirror of your site, use in-house analytics, or conceal any advertising spend.

Industry Expertise, Valuable Partnerships

At KME.digital, we’re on the ball. We stay up to date on training for each product that we use, to ensure that you’ll get the best value out of our technology and partnerships. Whether it’s Google Analytics, AdWords, Yext, or AdRoll, you can rest assured that we’re up to date with all algorithm changes and new offerings. As Google Partners, we have access to pre-release beta testing of new ad tech, and a dedicated team of Google employees to help us keep a cutting edge. Our other partnerships offer us exceptional training and support on the products and services we use, meaning that you can stay as ahead of the curve as we are.

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