Laptop on a table with Google's homepage on it

August Google Search Algorithm Update – Stay the SEO Course

Virginia SEO News: Google’s crack team of search algorithm PhD’s are at it again, as they are several times a year, releasing a rather major algorithm update right now into next week.  Site rankings have been observed to be fluctuating – though Google’s advice to webmasters is consistent – “try to keep making your website better over time, and Google may recognize those improvements over time, and your rankings may improve.”

It’s good counsel – and in fact, the true value of companies like . In order to be consistently found on the Internet, outpacing the competition, your web channels have to continue to improve and get better over time, both in terms of user interaction and relationship with the search crawlers.  It’s not a one time thing, it’s constant, expert, informed attention that you need – every week, every month.

That’s what we provide, in a nutshell.