B2G Digital Government Marketing for Suppliers, Contractors, Vendors

Optimizing Online Visibility for B2G Procurement, Acquisition Market Research & Sourcing, by Government or Primes – an Online, Interactive Business Capability Statement

KME.Digital offers an extremely unique, expert service – using SEO & Digital/Content Marketing to showcase your product or services to the government procurement and contracting community. Government Marketing to Federal, State, Local, Municipal buyers. We’ve paired government acquisition expertise with innovative public sector digital marketing for this exclusive offering.

Sell to the Government

  • You’ve determined your product or service will fill a government/public-sector need or requirement – based on your own research, published agency intentions, new legislation or currents events, or even specific government mission strategies.
  • Selling to the Government Procurement audience is very different than to public consumers, or B2B partners. Buyers for your product in the government need more specific, compliant, risk and cost-sensitive, plus trusted information about your product – as they work through the acquisition process, particularly when executing market research.
  • Market research for government purchasing includes many internal government sources, but also includes a broad range of public and analyst sources – including the Internet, your website and other digital channels.
  • Your audience includes government procurement officials (GPOs), contracting officers (CO/COTRs), Program Managers, Solution Architects – and also includes large “Primes”, i.e. government contract-holders or bidders that need your help, your products, your services as a subcontractor or supplier (perhaps to fulfill disadvantaged business inclusion). This audience must evaluate you, before they buy or team with you. Your audience also includes analysts, advisors and consultants, working for or informing the procurement teams.
  • This audience must find and validate your product’s specific alignment with their requirements, through exhaustive procurement market research that includes Internet search (a requirement in today’s agile acquisition and Other Transaction Authority or OTA environments), review of your public profile and product details, plus – most importantly – your proven, unique participation and reputation in the relevant marketplace.
  • You have created a “business capability statement” document (with details including NAICS code, past performance, service value, pricing and logistics guidance, references, contact methods, pricing guidance, certifications & awards, contract vehicles and schedules, etc.) – but no one can find or discover it, in your marketplace, without direct solicitation.
  • You cannot be found online or properly evaluated for compliant, public sector procurement market research purposes – if your online presence (your online capability statement) is not specifically optimized to facilitate this, to make the government procurement market research process more efficient and effective. If your website doesn’t make it easy for them to “check the boxes”.
  • If your website makes life easier for procurement teams or officers, reducing risk and exposing unique, reasonable commercial value, they are more likely to contact you, and include you in further sourcing actions (i.e. invite you to respond to RFIs/RFPs/RFQs). They may also simply select you and place an order (via a sole-source or an existing contract vehicle) – because you’ve provided all necessary information, when and how they need it.

KME.digital offers expert digital engagement and marketing TO BE FOUND AND SELECTED during government procurement market research and acquisition.

KME.digital can optimize your website, your digital footprint to uniquely attract and convince government procurement professionals – as they conduct their market research – that your company, products and services are best suited to meet the agency’s acquisition strategy, their mission and their business requirements.

KME.digital’s expertise includes significant public sector procurement, business development and capture experience, uniquely aligned with commercial digital marketing and engagement expertise, to showcase and sell your products to the government. This simply isn’t available from anyone else, at our price points. We do this ourselves (in attracting government business and teaming partners), we can do it for you.

We offer an extremely unique web optimization model, explicit SEO factors, mature digital engagement processes and procurement-ready communications to join or eclipse your competitors in attracting the interest of government procurement shops, and/or Prime contractors seeking teaming partners or vendors.

We’ve surveyed, and know, many government procurement and acquisition experts, from both the buyer and seller’s side. They’ve all agreed – Internet Search is a critical component of Market Research during the government procurement lifecycle; you must be found, differentiated and trusted when they find you via online search. The government needs specific, different, compliant information.

A B2G starter package includes:

  • Primary Audience Keywords
  • Primary Product Keywords
  • Website SEO/Internal Linking Design Recommendations
  • Guidance: Summary guidance regarding use, application and tailoring of items 1-3
  • Proposal: A proposal to leverage 1-4 above for ongoing, detailed, focused government marketing and analysis

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