GovCons – Engaging the Government Post-COVID, Building Pipeline, Finding Wins

by in Blog, Government December 10, 2020

The government contracting business development, sales, and pursuit method was a generally understood set of communication and research tactics prior to the COVID-19 virus. We know – we were there along with you “before COVID.” We were at the industry conferences & events, the local Starbucks and networking happy hours, hitting send on press releases […]

Technical Debt as a Contagion, a Virus in Federal Government, DoD Data Centers

by in Blog, Government, Technology November 16, 2020

Looking across the Federal government data center communities, the constant and long-malignant threat of incurable technical debt (TD) is pervasive – where short term planning and siloed IT design leads to procurement of COTS and IT services that quickly become obsolescent and drive sustainment costs through the roof. This leads to the inability of agencies […]

5 PR & Marketing Questions – To Increase B2G PWin for GovCon Sales, Capture & BD

by in Blog, Government February 7, 2020

Marketing to the government is difficult, by design. The taxpayer’s money must be spent very carefully.  Working through acquisition strategy, market research, bid preparation – government procurement teams need to maintain objectivity and compliance alignment,  yet cast the widest possible net for cost-effective solution options to their needs. Selling to these folks isn’t at all […]

Beta Sam Reviews Fast and Furious – GovCon Federal Contract Opportunities

by in Blog, Government December 12, 2019

Quick #GovCon note: Reviews are coming in fast and furious on the upgrade from FedBizopps – not all good. This is where the Federal government posts all department, agency and office procurements and acquisition status. Tools like Capture2Proposal are available for finding and tracking federal government contract opportunities, and experts there have provided this […]

SEO Wars – Enter #B2G GovCon BD, Capture & Sales Digital Marketing

by in Blog, Government November 11, 2019

Most GovCon companies understand there’s a good deal of marketing and branding necessary, to set the market space and attract attention from both the Government and Primes doing market research, looking for your goods and services. We find that the “marketing” aspects of the Shipley business development lifecycle / capture management process, are typically under-served […]

Federal #GovCon BD, #CaptureManagement and Market Intelligence; Can #AI, #ML and #B2G Digital Marketing Help Get More Government Leads? (#B2GAI, #B2GSEO)

by in Blog, Government October 20, 2019

The Federal government contractor’s community (a.k.a. GovCon) has been maturing the process and tools used to develop, find and win more government leads and contracts for a very long time. The Govcon capture management process in particular is now a well-understood strategy, taking advantage of Internet tools, resources and data accessibility to maximize collaborative success […]

SEO for Government Contracting, B2G Digital Marketing, Government Consulting & Lead Generation

by in Blog, Government July 25, 2019

Is digital marketing, in particular search engine optimization (SEO) and other inbound content marketing techniques, effective for business-to-government (B2G) enterprises? For businesses who seek exposure and wins on government contract opportunities, lead generation, and for landing a role on a larger team’s procurement bid? KME offers B2G digital marketing for government suppliers and vendors seeking […]

Digital Marketing 101 for the B2G Large Business Developer, Large GovCon

by in Government April 1, 2019

GovCon Business Development 101 – Digital #B2G Marketing You’re on a Business Development (BD) team, at FedEngineerIT (“FedEng”, made up, obviously, or insert your own name), a Fed/State/Local GovCon with 5-10,000 employees (or lots more!). You’re working with your LOB, capture, industry, incumbent subs and solution architecture, plotting and scheming how to shape and influence […]

B2G Strategies for Marketing to Government in the Digital Age – 3 Part Whitepaper

by in Government March 24, 2019 announces the availability of a 3-Part whitepaper entitled “Strategies for Business Marketing to Government in the Digital Age“, to assist our Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland-area #govcon community with B2G digital marketing – particularly smaller and mid-sized businesses. What is B2G digital marketing?  It’s the practice of applying normally commercial or B2B SEO, digital […]