Digital Advertising & SEO for Law Firms: Washington, DC

Competition is the primary growth inhibitor for most law firms and legal practices face. Effective Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing can overcome this obstacle by working to keep your firm visible to potential clients. KME.Digital has exceptional graphic and web designers, copy writers, and social media experts to put at our clients’ disposal. We’re excited to make your practice stand out from the rest. We currently work with several attorneys, and we have reacted quickly to events such as the Washington, DC WMATA Smoke Accident in order to generate new business. KME.Digital has a vast amount of experience working with attorneys and law firms, and we understand the unique pressures that small, medium, and large firms face.

Take Advantage Of:

  • Geo-targeted Search Engine Optimization for various practice areas
  • Hypertargeted Pay Per Click campaigns focused around high client density areas, courthouses, and constantly monitored for success
  • Listings optimization to ensure that your firm is findable on 57 different directory sites
  • Unique web design oriented towards the sales funnel & lead generation
  • Design updates to current websites within any content management platform

KME is a unifying solution. We use a collaborative approach to develop a unique marketing campaign that is specific to your firm. We examine your practice in-depth, establish goals, and make sure that we understand exactly the kind of client your firm wishes to represent. After the basics, our team will do extensive keyword analysis and ensure that your practice gets noticed. Reduce the time you spend on digital to one monthly meeting, during which KME will present what we did, why we did it, how it affected you, and where your ROI stands via fully customized reports. Our SEO & Digital Marketing services are perfect for Washington, DC Law Firms.