Digital B2G for Government Contractors Marketing, Capture, Business Development (BD) and Sales

by Avatar in Government February 5, 2019

Does your website help you sell to the government? Local/municipal, city, county, state or Federal? Does it speak that language – your language, as a government contractor in sales, marketing, BD or capture?

It probably doesn’t.  Not many do – not many websites lead government procurement and acquisition professionals to exactly what they need for their market research, for inclusion in a solicitation, for a direct procurement.  Most website design, digital marketing, SEO and content marketing presence of small to mid-sized government contractors is geared towards attracting the attention of consumers, the general public, potential employees or partners – vs. procurement officials, prime contractors and other government employees.  People with budget and authority to downselect you, or advise for purchase.

You’ve done your job – as BD or Capture Manager – tracking FedBizOpps, establishing relationships with agency or program managers, showing product at the industry event, developing relationships with potential team-mates and influencers, responding to RFIs, sending unsolicited whitepapers or leave-behinds, contributing in government-hosted information exchanges.  You’re sure you’ve made an impression, your product or service is recognized and understood, the website has updated product information (you think), and when the procurement gears start grinding – they’re going to contact you to participate.

But – do a search, on Google, for your stuff.  Search like a procurement or source selection official would – using terms like “certification”, “compliant”, “schedule”, “capability statement”, “NAICS”, “mission requirements”…  Are you easy to find online, ahead of the competitors, and complete with all information required for acquisition decisions? Is the happy path for government buyers different from public consumers, and does it meet their mission objectives? Are there pictures, videos, testimonials, social validation, industry vetting?

If you’re not first in search – or findable at all – give us a call. We’re a marketing agency for government contracting. We have over 30 years of hands-on, world-class expertise in government contracting, marketing and consulting, in addition to over two decades of Internet and digital marketing, web technologies and design. This includes government capture, business development, proposal management and solution architecture, all contributing to sales, contracts and awards. Bundled all up in an affordable, accessible and local digital marketing agency for local government contractors – using our proprietary B2G digital taxonomy. No other firm at our cost point offers this, particularly in the Washington D.C. area.

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