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Digital Citizen & Customer Engagement – Playbook Delivered

KME.Digital and its Federal contract partnership of small, women-owned Virginia businesses – are currently wrapping up a subcontract for a Digital Client Engagement strategy and pilot program with a major Federal government agency. U.S. Federal citizen engagement, delivered. The contract is a BPA under the GSA AIMS Schedule, and therefore accessible to other Federal agencies.

It’s a very unique and forward-thinking effort, by the agency, to employ current industry digital marketing and outreach expertise to produce measurable, scalable and immediate results in its engagement mission with U.S. business constituents.  The mission focuses on exponentially increasing the number and variety of U.S. businesses who become aware of, use and then help advocate and evangelize this agency’s public service offerings – thereby contributing to success of the U.S. in the global economy. A very timely and critical mission.

This effort builds on government digital transformation and customer experience (UX/CX) initiatives, yet closes the gap between digital services output and customer service outcomes. In doing so, this agency is able now to validate and measurably improve its investment in digital services – including technology, skills, process, analytics and organization change – traceable directly to annual agency strategy performance goals. That’s a hurdle not yet crossed by most agencies.

This particular agency is also now better able to re-capture online visibility from the variety of commercial, competing, illegitimate and solicitous online material competing with their trusted messaging and presence on the Internet. In other words, to displace “fake news” and paid disinformation in search results.

As a strategy, this initiative essentially mobilizes and realizes the GSA Digital Government Playbook, though from the “outside-in” customer engagement perspective, on the modern web.

Our deliverables center around a “Digital Client Engagement Playbook” – a strategic framework for creating and operating a new digital engagement capability for the organization. Like most Federal agencies, this agency did have public relations and event management staff, a centralized IT department, social media and website presence, media production, a wealth of published information assets and expertise, customer relationship software, email lists, digital performance goals and all the other generally standard yet typically siloed tools, skills and roles required to communicate with and deliver online services to U.S. citizens and agency partners.

Like most Federal agencies this context did not include a current, industry-informed and cost-efficient digital engagement strategy for tying technology, processes, people, media and services all together as citizen customers need and expect.

Along with the Digital Client Engagement Playbook, our team is delivering strategic and tactical guidance – in linked documents, pilot multimedia campaigns and via collaborative, “deep dive” information-sharing sessions – regarding:

  • Analytics & Dashboards
  • User Assistance Business Metrics
  • Search Engine Optimization & Marketing (SEO/SEM)
  • Digital User & Customer Experience (UX/CX)
  • Organization Modeling, Roles & Resource Implementation Plan
  • Online Campaign Planning & Operations
  • Multimedia Production & Asset Management
  • Content Management, Marketing & Technologies
  • Digital & Social Media Channel Management
  • Data & Metadata Management
  • Community Advocacy, Evangelism & Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Press Kits

This is a broad range of subjects and capabilities that most successful commercial organizations are currently addressing, to connect with customers – but that most Federal agencies are not correctly addressing. Nor are they yet purchasing IT and services to help in these areas, without such strategies. Our vendor-agnostic, customized agency initiative is demonstrating how this works, how critical it is and the measurable impact in the public sector.

Contact us to find out more about how we can together tailor these unique results for your government agency or initiative, or to complement your offerings as a service provider.