Digital Marketing for Franchises

One of our more challenging, yet rewarding, styles of client business is with franchises – businesses operating multiple locations under distributed ownership, but a common brand and central corporate support structure.  KME Internet Marketing has worked with many franchises – from very local with a few sites, to national chains with hundreds of locations.

Our franchise clients are very successful, quickly growing their online digital presence and subsequent business revenues, whether starting as a brand new location, or refreshing an existing business, ownership structure or facility.


What’s different or special about franchises, from a digital marketing perspective?  Planning and executing marketing campaigns with a franchise business, whether working with individual franchises or at the corporate level, requires a considerable degree of collaboration and communication.  Particularly when orchestrating online advertising and SEO, establishing a laser focus into the target demographics and geo-location.

Here’s a brief example of a local, Northern Virginia, Fairfax and Loudoun business franchise digital marketing case study success.

Ideas and strategies that may work well for independent businesses, may require additional constraint or oversight for franchise locations, to maintain compliance with corporate guidelines. Shared web content and technical platforms can be difficult to personalize, for individual instances – and creativity isn’t always possible within website standards and shared content management processes. Franchise owners have many constituents to satisfy – within the corporate structure, sometimes across multiple geo areas, and sometimes among partner community owners (in order to avoid competitive overlap).

KME’s very high-touch, professional franchise digital marketing expertise includes a lot of relationship-building, among all the stakeholders involved.  We’re very successful at this, across the country and particularly around the DC area – and the results stand out for all of our franchise clients.