Digital Presence for Businesses in DC, VA, MD – a 3-Step Plan

by Avatar in Blog March 26, 2014

You may have great training, skills and a sunny disposition, you may have a great office and hard-working staff, you may sell terrific products and services – in the physical world, off-line.

Your business has a physical presence, that can be touched, communicated with, experienced, liked – even if it’s only you, your mailbox and business cards.

Your business also has a digital presence, on the Internet. A virtual personality and real estate. If you didn’t create and manage it – then it’s a collateral, indirect presence, created by others on the Internet, through their likes, tweets, reviews, photos, emails, recommendations and links. Unmanageable, unknown, perhaps interesting at best, damaging at worst.

If you did create it – does your digital presence stand apart from the competition, in front of all intended audiences, and attractive to valuable customers and partners?

  1. Check your “digital presence assets“. Do you have:
    • A digital strategy and current plan, for your digital presence, that complements your physical presence – including an investment and cost model?
    • A unique, compelling and appropriate digital brand – reflected in imagery, messaging, processes?
    • Engaging, useful, interactive web touchpoints – i.e. your website, social channels, email, other mobile or media channels, customer service interface?
    • Interesting, memorable, unique, targeted, updated digital content – that converts audience or users to your goals?
    • A good social, community and business reputation – reflected in the nature, extent and sentiments associated online with your brand and web touchpoints?
    • High-performing, secure, current, integrated and cost-effective information technology and services – for your web touchpoints, your online products and services, and for your internal digital content management?
    • A robust partner ecosystem – i.e. your partner, community and paid sources of digital content, links and referrals to your core touchpoints?
    • Situational awareness – i.e. monitoring, analytics, feedback, reviews; the state, status and performance indicators for your digital presence and online reputation?
  2. Check your “digital presence management” – are you comfortable and satisfied with the current and planned status of each of the above assets, and with the skill and roles of the persons who manage them – including yourself? If you can’t manage it, can you influence or buy it?
  3. Check your “digital presence performance” – is this digital presence doing the job? Is it helping you positively, productively market or advertise your business, deliver goods and services, respond to customer requirements or feedback? In perhaps different location, device, event, audience or industry-specific situations?

If any of this is news to you, or isn’t working well – we can help. Help build, manage and evaluate your online, digital presence – some, or all of it.

Your Loudoun digital presence, your Fairfax digital presence, your Prince William digital presence, your Virginia digital presence, your Maryland digital presence, your Washington DC digital presence, your National digital presence, your Global digital presence.

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