Five Ways to Use Facebook Timeline for Internet Business Marketing

by Avatar in Blog March 2, 2013

The Social Media Examiner has distilled five ways businesses have hit the ground running on Facebook Timeline.
You can use these examples to help make your Facebook Timeline richer for storytelling and more actionable for sales.
Here are five tips based on the success stories of these heavy-hitters and Timeline movers-and-shakers:

Note your interesting milestones. Does your brand have a history? Coca-Cola, founded in 1886, uses Timeline to highlight how it has evolved. The New York Times, founded in 1851, lets users revel in history with its milestone posts. But our favorite example is Spotify, which shares disruptions in the history of music, all the way back to the year 1000!

Incorporate the profile picture into your cover photo. Most brands use profile photos for company logos. Since it overlaps the cover photo (that wide photo in the header), why not get creative and blend both images? See the Examiner article mentioned above for great examples, then read Tim Ware’s article that provides a Photoshop template for blending profile and cover photos in a fun way.

Tell a story in photos. Since photos in Timeline are larger, use the Highlight feature to showcase an album. Kia Soul’s concept car album includes plenty of great concept photography.

Brand with apps. Apps are more visible on the new Timeline. The Facebook Photos app is always in the first position in the first row, showing the most recent photo, so fill the next slots with your top three apps. That just might inspire people to click to see the other apps you have, too! SoLatina’s apps section is a great brand-builder.

Use the About section for a CTA. You can’t put a call to action (“Like this” or “Buy now!”) or website address in your cover photo, but you can put one in About, the text that appears under your profile photo and to the left of your apps. Again, SoLatina is a great example of how you can pull this off.

Few people seem to use this feature, perhaps because they just don’t know how. Click on “About,” then mouse over the upper-right corner near your About section until you see the Edit button with the pencil. Click Edit to fill in your About section.

Source: MarketingProfs