Google Ads Management Services

When people search for certain services they need or want, Google Ads are a form of marketing that allows the ads of a business to appear in the first chunk of search engine results.

Google Ads are one of the most effective marketing options for businesses, KME has the proven experience to help our clients decide which keywords to bid on that will drive a successful Google Ads marketing campaign.

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Custom Google Ads Management Services To Grow Your Business

We are a Google Partner Agency with specialists certified in all major areas

No matter what your budget is, our team is flexible enough to formulate the best campaign for your business with the following Google Ads management services:


Search engine PPC is an intention-based strategy that allows you to show up in searches immediately as people search for your product/service.


Our experts will determine the right targeting to ensure your ads are getting in front of the right audience and all popular websites.


Re-engage your website visitors and encourage them to keep your brand in mind with retargeting methods, as it has a higher conversion rate than “cold” ads.


For e-commerce businesses, we can help you showcase your products directly on Google’s search result pages.


With over half of online traffic being mobile, we optimize ads to show up on the devices where people are searching the most so that users convert more.


We advertise your video content on YouTube, social media, and other video partners in the Google Display Network (GDN).
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Encounter the right customers with Google Ads.

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