Home Services SEO & Digital Marketing: Washington DC

The home services & home improvement business environment can be ferociously competitive. With so many local services serving the same area, consumers have a wide variety of providers to choose from. Typically, homeowners will choose a business that displays on the first page of Google Search Results, click on a Google Ad with that presents extra value, or through a recommendation from a directory site like Angie’s List or Houzz. KME.digital has an approach for each entry to the sales funnel.

Organic Search Results account for the majority of leads for many home services businesses. Our specialty is SEO. We work with current websites to optimize for a list of keywords that we develop in cooperation with business owners, and expand on both services and geographies monthly. We also report on our rankings each month, so business owners can see their dollars at work.

Google AdWords is an excellent way to promote monthly specials or a certain kind of job. Since you’re paying per click, you can be sure that users who navigate to your site through a Google Ad are interested in the advertised service. AdWords also has robust reporting capabilities, allowing us to track phone calls, clicks, and even whether or not users filled out contact forms on your website.

Your Reputation is key. 87% of people treat an online review with the same respect as a personal recommendation. Companies like Angie’s List and Houzz are important elements of any home service’s digital presence. We’re experienced in reputation management, and maintaining advertising relationships with these companies for our clients.

We’re also obsessed with tracking. It’s our goal to show our clients positive ROI every month, and we can track all kinds of advertising campaigns by page visits, phone numbers, clicks, and more. We can condense all of the time you spend thinking about digital into a convenient, once-monthly meeting!