KME Digital, Internet Marketing, Web Design – About All of Us

by Avatar in Blog August 5, 2018 is a product of the local Virginia economy, our family and team embedded firmly in the local business, technology, academic community. Want to know “about us”?  Here’s the brief history.


Following a decade of IT engineering, Ted and Kelly turn their focus to the “startup” market, and opportunities growing around Internet services from AoL and Google. Ted is working at Accenture helping to launch new Internet “” companies, helping customers with their eCommerce, Online Advertising, Web Design, Communications and eGovernment digital technology strategies – including major government sites like,,, etc. Kelly is shifting her focus from large to smaller businesses, from PwC government IT consulting to starting a new computer training and safety company for children and adults (Whizkids LLC), while becoming trained and certified in Google Adwords.


With 4 kids now in tow, Ted invents a patented stroller accessory (“Slingwheels”), launches a stroller accessory reseller business and website with initial SEO/SEM features – plus other websites for Whizkids, a family Real Estate business, new blogs and social media, discussion board accounts. With combined SEO/SEM, IT Engineering and Project Management skills, Ted and Kelly start KME Web Design (“Kelly McLaughlan Enterprises”) in Loudoun County for these startups, and new clients who begin asking online for help (or we find via eLance, Craigslist, etc.).


KME Web Design grows and transforms from web design to integrated web marketing focus, becoming KME Internet Marketing – fully absorbing the proliferation of social media, SEO and digital marketing tools that quickly flood the Internet. This becomes Kelly’s focus, as Ted continues delivering enterprise digital consulting/CIO solutions for Federal clients with Accenture, and ultimately other large companies including Blackstone Technology, Oracle and GDIT. We establish flagship social profiles, like “@loudoun” on Twitter, and pre-Facebook social communities like “Dulles South Online”. After weathering the economic downturn, KME quickly develops partner relationships for print/broadcast media, web application development, creative graphics, video and other discrete technical services, as well as a community of “virtual” employees. We establish a reputation for technical, complex copywriting (i.e. “difficult” SEO), information architecture and large, local PPC campaigns. 100’s of small local and national business customers are managed, with an emerging list of larger customers through “white label” contracts. We are Loudoun’s #1 Digital Marketing & SEO firm and certified SEO/PPC experts.


KME grows, moving into the Fairfax City Mason Enterprise Center (and new regional presence around Virginia, DC and Maryland), establishing leadership roles at the Loudoun SBDC, EDAC (kicking off Loudoun Economic Development’s focus on digital marketing) and (running the Digital Strategy committee), hiring several employees and starting an Intern program (primarily from GMU). Our diversity of services and portfolio of customers significantly increases, as digital marketing explodes on the Internet (and new competition appears), with a significant focus on website security, mobile technologies, cloud hosting, business & marketing analytics and content marketing.

2015-Present: becomes our new brand, we graduate the incubator and plug into new offices on Main St., Fairfax City. Kelly and our expert team of employees (with many Google Partner certifications), interns, vendors and business partners are recognized in many ways as a leader among digital marketing agencies in the region. Ted continues to provide expert advice and strategic thought leadership, as the Internet landscape quickly changes. We establish significant regional community partnerships through BNIs, Chambers of Commerce, the Fairfax City EDA. We continue to attract and retain significant, successful clients across all industries, including the Federal government.

What’s next?

The economy is dramatically improving, as we can see firsthand across all our clients plus regional business and technology communities. We outline some of the most important digital marketing focus areas  for Virginia in a recent Blog post. Competitors come and go, but we’re here to stay, as one of Virginia’s original SEO providers for local businesses. We anticipate significant additional opportunities, new expertise in emerging technologies, and most importantly, amazing growth, development and success of our fantastic team, here at KME and all around the DMV!