Casey's Automotive owners with their family

The Power of a Positive Online Review: Casey’s Automotive

If you’ve ever conducted an online search for a company, you know that the reviews and testimonials you read are a big deciding factor in whether you will become a customer.

One of our clients, Casey’s Automotive, recently went above and beyond to fix one of their customer’s cars so they could say goodbye to a dying loved one in time. Superior customer service like this and high-quality work usually translate to invaluable positive reviews—and phone calls from new customers.

We’re so proud to work with a company that does so much to improve their customers’ lives. Check out the amazing story below:

“Buckle up: This post is going to be a journey… but please, stick with it! I once again have to give mad praise to Casey’s Automotive. Last Wednesday I got an emergency phone call that my beloved grandfather’s health was declining rapidly and that if we wanted to see him I needed to get to Georgia quick. We packed up the car and our 11-week-old baby in record time! We were on the road, less than a mile into our journey, only to have a check engine light come on!!! Defeated before we even started, I called Casey’s and they told me to go ahead and bring it in. After filling them in on the situation, they got started immediately trying to figure out the issue, so they could get us back on the road. Luckily, the light was that I simply needed an oil change … but wait… after checking over my car just to make sure it was safe for such a long distance they found my rear brakes were pretty much done and the front breaks were not much better… not willing to risk it with my baby I told them to go ahead and replace them knowing then that the guys wouldn’t be able to get it done that evening (it was already almost 5pm and they closed at 6pm).

They gave us a loaner car and helped to transfer what we’d need for the baby that evening so that could start on our car first thing in the morning, to which I was SUPER appreciative! Gutted, we went back home to wait it out. Fast forward a couple hours later, my phone rings and it’s the shop. My heart dropped because I just KNEW they’d found something else wrong. Instead, Ryan informed me that after talking over my situation they decided to stay late and get my car finished for us, so we could get on the road as soon as possible. He then told me he was going to bring our car to me (in Leesburg) and pick up the loaner so it wasn’t one more thing we had to worry about. I literally burst into tears. Let me tell you something, that act of kindness made the literal difference in my sweet Pawpaw getting to have a few last moments with his great-grandson, whom he ADORED. Had we been a day later we’d have missed having those precious memories with him. I am SO grateful to this incredible business that once again put their customer first. They TRULY care!! And in this situation, it actually made a life and death difference for my family. Thank you guys SO, SO much!” -Jamie Gray can help you earn a strong online presence and collect positive reviews, which can turn casual browsers into loyal customers. Found out how we can make this happen.