Small Business and Mobile Optimization

by in Technology June 21, 2016

A great way for a small business to establish presence in the market is through the development of an optimized mobile website. Developing a mobile website is one of the first things a business should do if they are attempting to expand their outreach. There is a debate on whether a mobile website or an app is a better tool to use to do this, and the answer to the debate really depends on what type of business you’re in. In terms of marketing, however, a mobile website is the far better option.

One of the biggest reasons that mobile websites are better geared towards marketing is that websites are compatible across many devices. Users can share your website with their friends or coworkers as easily as copying and pasting a link to the site. Every kind of device can access a website, but certain Apps are only available to certain sources, such as the Google Store or Apple’s App Store. This would diminish potential user-base greatly. This makes your mobile website a much better option in terms of accessibility for more users. Another advantage to mobile websites is that unlike Apps, they cannot be deleted from your users’ phones. The average “shelf life” of an App is about 30 days before a user deletes it from their device, but a mobile website will always be accessible. Mobile websites are also far easier to update than Apps. In order to update your site, you simply make your desired changes and click “save.” Updates to Apps must be downloaded from the App’s respective store, and each update takes up more and more space on users’ phones.

When it comes to the actual development of the mobile website, it is important to consider things from the user’s point of view. A mobile website must be built well. This means it must have a clean appearance, be properly optimized, and fully functional. It is good to use large icons, touch screen friendly formatting, and simplified navigation to maintain your user’s attention when using the site. It is best to avoid making users have to type when using a mobile website. People want their information delivered to them immediately, and having to type while trying to navigate your mobile website will repel users.  A good goal to keep in mind when designing a mobile website is to make it look like an app. Apps are simple, easily navigable, and visually appealing. For example, if you have your smartphone or tablet near you, check out Cohen and Cohen is a personal injury law firm in the DC area, and they have their mobile website fully optimized for all devices.

Mobile websites are cheaper to develop than Apps, and ultimately a better decision for businesses dealing with marketing. A properly built mobile website will help to expand your business presence across the widest possible clientele.