Support Education Online Grant for Local STEM Internship Program

MyEdMaster – a highly recommended, local STEM-oriented tutoring and test preparation (ACT, SAT, SSAT, TJ, AOL, etc.) service – is sponsoring a summer internship program, where students will collaborate to build a social media website for visitors to build their own TV shows and video sites (in Herndon and Ashburn, VA). The internship activities include a wide range of web software programming, media design and video production activities – for students to gain experience with and help prepare them for academic pursuits of the same nature. A dedicated team of local professionals will be mentoring the students (including a veteran Hollywood filmmaker) – more than 60 students have signed up so far.


MyEdMaster and owner John Leddo have a long track history of supporting motivated students and families find exceptional, world-class yet affordable support to achieve their academic goals, including creation of a newly-released online tutoring service called “Education Online” – easy to use and accessible at extremely low cost to any and all students.

To support this Summer’s interns and their efforts, MyEdMaster is applying for a “Main Street Grant”, via Chase Bank.

Please add your voice to the Education Online mission, internship program and our local STEM community by voting to support this grant award. It is quick and free to do. You simply go to , then type “education online” into the search box. When the company comes up, you click the “vote now” button and sign in with Facebook.

That’s it! Thanks so much, and let me know if you have any further questions about the program or support.