“We have worked with Kelly and her team at KME for just shy of four years and have had an exceptional experience. KME has helped us with search engine optimization (with respect to Google in particular), the construction of our website, and a variety of other advertising initiatives. Kelly in particular has had productive, respectful working relationships with everyone on our team with whom she has worked. She has been a true partner and willing to help out even in areas that may not have technically been within her purview. As we have approached and evaluated potential new areas for digital and other forms of advertising, she has brought a lot of expertise to the table along with a desire to learn in areas new to her.

Similar to many small businesses, effective marketing and advertising, on and offline, are crucial to our business, and we have been much more successful in recent years than we otherwise would have been without KME’s assistance.”

John Forster, Owner

NV Waterproofing

“I consider myself very clumsy and limited when it comes hi tech savvy and understanding social media network.  Every time I think I have just caught on to how the game is played, the rules change; and I am back to square zero.  That is why KME.digital has been the life preserver that allowed me to keep my dental practice competitive in the 21st century.  Kelly McLaughlan, the owner, has a natural gift for understanding and successfully navigating the social media network arena. Kelly and her amazing team have worked hard to continually keep us on the first page of Google for all our main “key words”.   Ever since we have been their client, they have been superb in both connecting us with other contractors to serve our needs  like LightHouse and ZocDoc; and keeping us abreast on  network changes like Google Pages being eliminated thus continually focusing us on the best use of our efforts. Furthermore, Kelly often personally acts as a facilitator in these ongoing relationships with other contractors when we run into problems. She has infinite patience to repeatedly explain to me how such entities as Facebook, Linked in, Twitter and Blogs relate and affect the complex world of SEO and the social media internet. Every time I need to appear knowledgeable as I deal with other service contractors, Kelly is a patient coach.

Kelly’s loyalty and integrity is self sacrificing beyond the call of duty as I have known her to refuse new clients in our area who were specifically seeking her expertise in order to avoid any implication of conflict of interest.  In today’s world of competitiveness, this kind of moral business philosophy is a rare gift.

I can not say enough about Kelly and her whole team.  They continue to help us update our website, strategically get our reviews placed on the most viewed review sites and most of all maintain an effective presence on the internet in order to attract new patients. KME has been a real gift to Loudoun Dental Smiles, and I truly call Kelly my friend.”

Dr. Sandra Varney

Loudoun Dental Smiles


I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for all of your help with our SEO efforts.  Over the past 5 years we have made tremendous strides in attracting new clients from the internet.  Your work has been instrumental in that regard.  As a client, I know that my office has been remiss in telling you how much we appreciate your outstanding work — so let me clearly say, THANK YOU!”

Wayne Cohen

Cohen & Cohen P.C.