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The Importance of the Buyer’s Journey in B2G Marketing

Generating leads in government contracting requires just as much, if not more, creativity as B2B opportunities. Indeed, GovCon businesses that target audiences only when needs arise miss opportunities to get their foot in the door. Therefore, B2G marketers should leverage the buyer’s journey model, which government agencies follow much like private businesses. By partnering with an inbound marketing agency, GovCon businesses can increase the likelihood of future leads and conversions. 

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Below, we examine the B2G stages of the buyer and how it can influence GovCon’s inbound marketing strategy

Breaking Down the B2G Buyer’s Journey 

The B2B buyer’s journey consists of the potential customer’s awareness, consideration, and decision regarding a product or service. While the steps of the federal buyer journey mimic these phases, government agencies take a longer approach to procurement. Their activities throughout the buyer’s journey reflect this focus on thoroughness and accountability. Here, we describe each stage of the B2G buyer’s journey from an agency’s perspective: 

  • Awareness: The process begins with the agency recognizing a public or internal need. The agency explores potential solutions, which involves gathering data and defining project goals and objectives.

  • Consideration: The agency then conducts market research to identify qualified vendors. Decision-makers will shortlist vendors with corresponding technical abilities, experience on similar projects, or relevant industry publications for further consideration.

  • Decision: The agency selects the vendor that best meets its evaluation criteria. Cost and potential for a successful project outcome also influence their decision. After both parties sign the contract, the project begins.

  • Post-Decision: The acquisition cycle extends beyond the contract award. Agencies will monitor project performance, ensure compliance with regulations, and manage the ongoing relationship with their selected vendor. 

Compared to the B2B buyer’s journey, B2G acquisition processes involve prolonged deliberation and multiple stakeholders with different priorities. Technical experts will consider functionality, program managers focus on budgets and timelines, and contracting officers ensure compliance with regulations. B2G marketers must adapt strategies to reach multiple audiences as those prospects progress through the prolonged buying process. 

B2G Marketing Strategies inbound marketing agency northern virginia

B2B marketing often leverages social media marketing and targeted advertising to reach decision-makers. Despite these strategies’ success in the private sector, they may fail to reach government project leadership. To stand out from the government contracting competition, B2G marketing must focus on the following inbound marketing efforts: 

  • Tailored Messaging: Craft content that caters to each stakeholder’s needs within the government agency. For example, offer engineers and IT experts in-depth white papers on technical aspects of your solution. Then, develop case studies that showcase successful implementations and ROI for program managers. Such content will build brand awareness during the decision phase and emphasize your potential for a positive customer experience.


  • Content Strategy: You must showcase your company’s expertise in your prospects’ specializations. So, develop SEO-optimized, long-form content (blog posts, white papers, infographics) that illustrate this expertise. A B2G social media strategy can share these publications on respected outlets, such as LinkedIn. During the consideration phase, these publications establish thought leadership and position you as a trusted resource.


  • Long-Term Approach:.  B2G sales cycles are famously complex, in part because government agencies prioritize responsible spending and mitigating risk. Be prepared to play the long game and demonstrate consistent value. Long-term strategies increase brand awareness with government agencies during the post-decision and awareness stages. 


  • Establishing Trust and Credibility: Develop long-term marketing strategies to build relationships and establish trust with government agencies. Following the buyer’s journey framework allows B2G marketers to push informative content and resources at each stage. By addressing relevant agency concerns in your content, you can build trust with decision-makers. 

How to Choose a B2G Marketing Agency

Inserting yourself into the B2G buyer’s journey begins with a reliable marketing agency. When choosing a team of B2G marketers to partner with, look for agencies with a proven track record in GovCon marketing. Due to the nature of government contracting subject matters, GovCon companies should only choose agencies that have experience with sensitive information and RFPs. 

Furthermore, ensure the agency you’re considering offers comprehensive services (such as SEO optimization, content marketing, or website development) relevant to your needs. Request case studies that showcase their success in achieving similar goals. Finally, to measure brand awareness and your marketing efforts, choose an agency that advertises real-time reporting.

Boost Visibility and Win Contracts with a B2G Inbound Marketing Agency!

By leveraging the buyer’s journey, B2G inbound marketing agencies can promote valuable content and secure government contracts. Northern Virginia government contractors and small businesses can rely on to craft digital strategies tailored to federal buyers. Learn more about how our team can guide your B2G business by calling (703) 585-3321 or visiting our website today.