The Practical IT Feed for Small Businesses – the PIT

Here’s an experiment.

All of our small business clients require IT (information technology), in one form or another – beyond that required for their online marketing needs.  So do their partners, suppliers, vendors, customers. Every one.

Computers, software, iphones, websites, email, digital photos, adwords, Facebook, accounting.

All kinds of stuff, that’s changing, getting better or cheaper, or really useful to small business owners and operators. And gobs of technology websites, news, advertisements all over the Internet and TV, that nobody ever has enough time to read, distill, consider.

“I have a local plumbing company – is anything on the first 4 pages of likely to be helpful to me?  What should I really know or listen to? What about,,, the chamber of commerce, local blogs…ugh. Are the Mario Brothers really plumbers?”

We’ll start a very short-form, weekly curation – with practical, experienced opinion – of regular IT tidbits you probably should know – as a small business owner, particularly here in the DC region.  Just a few, just a little detail, just right to share with your business partners. And you can give us yours, to share w/everyone else.

Here’s one:

2013.11.4: What’s with all that recent Blackberry cellphone news; should I get one, or do I need to shop for a replacement right now?  

Simple thought – you’ll probably want to check out some iPhones and Samsung Android-based phones (Galaxies) in the next few months…these are the market leaders, have lots of great features, a large community of developers making new, useful apps – and they’ll integrate well with other tech you might have.  Like your car.  Blackberries do lots of this – but the future of this company is very unclear, and probably not worth your time to worry about (i.e., can I get it fixed?).

Check out if your iPhone is, in fact, cracked.

Android vs. iPhone?  Food for thought – was recently searching for a free app to do some geocaching with the kids….lots of free, well-reviewed offerings available from the Android community, only a few expensive ones from iTunes.  But this is a bigger, more emotional debate – more to come.

See?  That was easy.  Send us quick questions, or topics to consider.  This’ll be sent out via email soon, as well, to make it as easy as possible to be informed, stay informed.

Maybe we’ll brand it better, too.