The Virginia SEO Company – #1 in Virginia, for Virginia.

by Avatar in Virginia SEO June 28, 2018

Virginia SEO is the heart of our business, the key value enabler we provide to Virginia businesses, agencies and nonprofits. We provide many business, marketing and information technology services under terms like “digital marketing”, “online advertising”, “customer engagement” and “web design” – but there are few core things as important to all of this, as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.

It’s a simple plan. To grow a business, increase revenues – more customers or repeat business is needed. These customers need to find you, choose you over the competition. The Internet is the #1 way most customers find local and regional businesses; searching, evaluating, comparing, asking, testing. Search, however, is the #1 way customers find you – using Google/Bing, Twitter search, App searches, online discussion searches, even website-specific searches.

Your objective, and our job, is to have your business, services and products appear #1 in the search results, kicking off a profitable, successful and long-term customer relationship. Beating the competition, gaining market share, creating revenues and profit. The art and science of SEO in Virginia is the cornerstone of how this gets done.

It’s “art” because of how many qualitative, experience-based and human-centered factors need to be addressed, convincing people and search engines that your website is #1. It’s “science” because of the vast, changing-daily inventory of web technologies, data analysis and Internet expertise involved. It’s also “business” – because most SEO improvement decisions and tactics come down to a balance of cost and spend, investment and expenses. Plus straightforward, compassionate in-person relationships.

KME.Digital is the MOST experienced full-service provider, since 2005, of ALL facets of Virginia SEO – art, science, and business, plus a significant dose of social and community engagement.

Virginia SEO by Virginians, in Virginia, for Virginia. And the rest of the DC/VA/MD region, for that matter!