Washington DC & Virginia Web Hosting – Enhanced Services You Need to Get Today, for Better Security, Performance, Mobility & Digital Marketing Success

by Avatar in Blog October 7, 2014

What you get from good, standard hosting agreements – and what you don’t get, but need.

! – Our suggestions reflect the rapidly-growing number of digital security threats, performance challenges and expectations of both users and online search engines – like Google – for your business website.

Standard Web Hosting Infrastructure

These are the minimal, basic elements typically provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), as part of a simple Web Hosting agreement – STANDARD for all websites hosted by KME.

This assumes the ISP is not actually designing, building, integrating or maintaining the website, i.e. all the web pages, the database, the images and the applications or 3rd-party services – this work is being done by your Website Services/Solution Provider and Digital Marketing Company, like KME.

Assuming also that your website is being hosted on a shared or “cloud-enabled” ISP platform – vs. a private, custom set of computer servers – you get:

  1. Internet Access to your Website – Fast, Reliable, Worldwide, with Domain Name Services (DNS) Control;
  2. Computers, File and Data Storage for your Website – Fast, Low Maintenance, Current Technology (hardware + software), scalable;
  3. Standard COTS or Open Source Software your Website Uses – updated, maintained, popular;
  4. Standard Perimeter (i.e. Firewall) Security and Access Protection – for these items; and
  5. Administrative Console Access – to these items, to modify, upgrade, see IT statistics.

Note that KME’s standard Website Build – that includes recurring SEO/SEM services – also includes our implementation of tools for digital marketing purposes, like Web Analytics & Reporting, Meta-data Management, Redirects, ISP-hosted Email and other Website enhancement plug-ins.

Enhanced Web Hosting Infrastructure

While the standard ISP elements (above) seem comprehensive, there are several other important capabilities that Internet website owner/operators should always consider including:

  1. Website Custom File and Database Backup/Recovery – standard ISP agreements don’t provide this, particularly for custom data, and recoverable to specific points in time or from particular updates;
  2. Data Encryption – particularly for encypted pages and links (i.e. “HTTPS”) – this is becoming a more and more frequent requirement, particularly for sensitive data exchange;
  3. Caching and DDOS Protection – this is putting some additional, advanced technology between your website and the world, to make it perform better (for users AND search engines like Google!), have protection and recovery options against “Distributed Denial of Service” (DDOS) attacks, and for other security controls; and
  4. Mobility –  for most standard consumer business websites, a mobile, responsive version can be implemented using automated tools and technology, vs. custom coding whole new versions of the website.

Do you have these kinds of “Enhanced” web hosting features, for your website?

IF NOT, you probably need them.

Contact KME today to upgrade or add to your hosting – including these extremely important and valuable services – we can do it quickly and cost-effectively, with no impact or downtime to your website.

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