Website Hosting & Maintenance

A responsive website hosting and maintenance provider will protect your information and digital storefront.

From local service providers to worldwide organizations, successful businesses rely on effective websites. Their sites’ efficacy—in turn—revolves around responsive design, engaging content, clear organization, and smooth performance. These customer-facing features only function as well as their site’s performance, so business owners must turn to a reliable website hosting and maintenance provider. offers such services alongside fast response times, thorough troubleshooting, optimized server environments, and more.

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Our Hosting & Maintenance Capabilities

KME’s hosting comes with practical capabilities like vertical scaling, which allows the websites we host to access additional server resources quickly. Vertical scaling makes websites responsive to increased web traffic and your customers’ evolving demands. These servers are also optimized for hosting WordPress.

On the other hand, our maintenance services comprise daily and monthly tasks.

Daily items include:

  • Running automated backups with a 4-week retention period
  • Supervising resource usage and performance, then modifying limits as necessary
  • Monitoring security threats like attacks and unauthorized login attempts

Monthly items include:

  • Updating WordPress and website plug-ins
  • Checking that updates are compatible with the website
  • Ensuring automatic SSL encryption renewals

Why You Should Use KME’s Website Services


We respond to client requests and issues quickly

Businesses that rely on e-commerce and digital visibility can’t afford to cut corners on cybersecurity, and in this age of ever-evolving cyber attacks and network security, vigilance and response time are vital. KME bolsters your digital resilience and responds promptly to threats.

Hosting your website with a responsive service provider may save your website from crashing. Large providers with overloaded platforms tend to have plodding and unresponsive customer service, even when their clients suffer critical data breaches and back-end malfunctions. Yet KME’s commitment to its community and customer satisfaction spurs our team to respond quickly and decisively to those issues. We can even provide emergency support when necessary.

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We have comprehensive access to troubleshoot problems

When clients host their websites with KME, they provide us all the access we need to troubleshoot problems. Our team currently has 3 servers through DigitalOcean, a global cloud-hosting company for web-facing computers. With this provider, our in-house experts can diagnose and troubleshoot issues on the highest possible levels rather than wait for external providers’ responses.

Clients with websites hosted through other service providers can seek troubleshooting through KME, and we can pursue issues to a point. However, their hosting service holds the proverbial keys to their domain. For instance, if the client wants to improve their website’s core web vitals, some changes may need to go through their hosting provider. Such hurdles complicate and delay the enhancement of a website’s value.

Web Hosting

Our server environment is best suited for websites we build

KME’s web design and development team produces sites that function well on all hosting platforms. However, hosting a site we also built allows us to provide it with all the benefits of DigitalOcean’s features. This value is unique to comprehensive digital marketing services—one team builds, maintains, and optimizes your website.

Host and maintain your website with a premier provider

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