Yelp Advertising Services

Leverage a high-engagement platform to generate high-quality leads and stand out from competitors.

While conventional Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can get businesses’ ads before a broad audience, it cannot target users with high interest or purchase intent. However, significant numbers of users with such interest or purchase intent visit specific websites, the foremost of which is Yelp. has become a Yelp Advertising Partner, and we now offer Yelp business advertising services to organizations interested in placing ads before customers with a strong intent and engagement rate.

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Why Yelp Advertising Works

Multi-channel campaigns are vital to engaging potential customers and keeping ahead of competitors. Within this realm, Yelp advertising and optimization represents the next leap forward.

83% of Yelp users buy a product or schedule a service through a business they find on the app. Even those who don’t are searching for local providers, comparing prices, scanning reviews, and more. This degree of activity is motivated by the platform’s straightforward functionality: users can create free accounts, easily search through listings, and contact businesses through the app.

Yelp’s design and purpose facilitate lead generation in a few ways:


It connects businesses with new customers

Most Yelp users search for a service, product, or industry rather than a company (indeed, 80% do not include a business name in queries). Moreover, the platform delivers ads to users based on the interests it perceives in their search terms. Therefore, Yelp ads can capture customers who have never interacted with the company before yet intend to buy something that the company offers.


It facilitates leads, clicks, and conversions

Yelp boasts 87 million monthly visitors and is one of the top-cited sources for locating local service providers. Many industries—including HVAC, plumbers, movers, roofers, and auto repair—rank among Yelp’s most-searched categories. Plus, companies can leverage keyword boosting to emphasize particular terms they wish to target.


It encourages businesses to complete their Yelp Business Profiles

Ads produce the best results when they direct users to detailed, up-to-date Yelp Business Profiles. Furthermore, a thorough Profile projects a careful impression, indicating that the business attends to details (it may also answer potential customers’ questions and help sell services). Furthermore, Yelp Ads offers location-based campaign targeting so that companies can focus on devices accessing Yelp within a target area.

How It Works

Businesses that leverage Yelp Ads through KME will work with our PPC advertising team. The platform generates display ads using custom text and images or provides an optimized image using its machine-learning algorithm. These materials appear in conspicuous spots—such as Yelp search results—and users who click them are taken directly to the connected Yelp business profile.

Yelp Ads price on a pay-per-click basis. Clients can set and adjust their budgets for individual days or create a maximum monthly budget. They can also pause or cancel service whenever—neither Yelp nor KME requires long-term contracts. Yelp even offers a one-click restart feature, which restores an Ads account to the most recently saved advertising settings.

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