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YP Series: Goal Setting and Avoiding Burnout

Several members of our team at KME.digital attended the latest webinar hosted by the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professionals Council. This webinar addressed Goal Setting and Avoiding Burnout, which is something we can all benefit from, especially in this strange reality we have found ourselves in the past year.  At the start of every year, goal setting is always top of mind.  We received valuable lessons learned from our panel of professionals in the areas of physical, mental, and professional goal-setting. We learned tactics to stay organized, break down our goals piece by piece, and unwind in the case of stress.  The three panelists–Connie Morrissey Ruiz, Mike Misleh, and LaTasha Scott–discussed how important mental and physical health is in order to achieve both personal and professional goals. They also highlighted the importance of prioritizing tasks and being able to adapt to whatever situations might arise (like a global pandemic).

Prioritizing tasks and goals while also maintaining flexibility was something that really resonated with members of our team.

“The idea of identifying your top 3 non-negotiable tasks each day and starting with those was helpful for me. I think prioritizing tasks in that way will relieve a lot of the pressure I feel to knock out my entire to-do list for the day and help avoid burnout. As a recent college graduate entering the job market at the start of a pandemic, the deadline for reaching goals was a little up in the air. I really connected with the advice to set specific, but flexible goals that leave room for life to happen.”  – Molly Greenwald

The panelists also discussed tips for balancing work and life. KME is approaching a year of being in a completely virtual workspace with our entire team working from home and we are not alone. Many who have had to transition to a remote working lifestyle, as a result of the pandemic, have enjoyed the safety it has offered, but have found it difficult to maintain a good work-life balance. It is easy to work long hours and on the weekends when you live at the office, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. This can often lead to serious burnout.

Prioritizing your mental health by taking small mindfulness breaks can help maintain a good work-life balance and keep you from burning out.

“LaTasha Scott of Best Life Therapeutic Services LLC provided helpful resources and tools for balancing rest and work. The best piece of advice I took out of the webinar was to not only show others compassion but ourselves, especially during such a stressful time. I’m finding that setting myself reminders to take a break has been super helpful. These breaks can look different for everyone, but LaTasha provided a few options like coloring in an anti-anxiety coloring book, journaling, blowing bubbles, meditating, and more.” – Michelle Pepino

Our team walked away feeling refreshed and motivated. One of our team members even won the $50 gift card from the drawing courtesy of Northwest Federal Credit Union – congrats Josh!  We all learned great tips and tricks for setting goals and creating plans for achieving those goals while also giving ourselves room to adapt and be flexible to whatever life throws at us.  Our team is looking forward to attending more events put on by the GRCC YP Council.

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