Grayshift Case Study

Our Strategy

  • Within the first two months of engagement with KME, we were able to see significant year-over-year increases not only in organic traffic but also in paid media conversions.
  • KME assisted in creating full funnel event tracking and onboarded SEO, PPC, and LinkedIn Ad efforts.
  • KME deployed click fraud protection within paid media accounts and launched lead generation campaigns via LinkedIn.
  • KME assisted in the deployment of multi-country content management and placement.

Services Provided

  • SEO
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation
  • PPC

Our Results


increase in users since the start of KME’s SEO


increase in conversion actions via Google Ads


increase in organic traffic YOY

SEO Snapshot: September 1st - April 19th

  • Organic traffic has grown 37% YOY since the start of the SEO engagement with KME. As you can see, new users, pages per session and goal conversion rates have seen significant increases.

Google Ads Snapshot: September 2022 - April 2023

  • During the engagement with KME, the Google Ads account has seen a significant increase in clicks, impressions, and a reduction in average CPCs, resulting in an overall 200% increase in conversion actions. In just the last quarter, KME was able to drive a 300% increase in conversion actions.


Director of Demand Generation

“Our team is very pleased with the communication and the work that KME provides”

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