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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a constantly changing process and is an organic way of exposing your business to a larger audience.

It takes time to scale your business with effective content marketing strategies.​ Our team of content marketing specialists have a wide range of diverse skill sets including programming, copywriting, social media, advertising, and graphic design, and has the ability to provide our clients with high yield, ROI-positive digital marketing campaigns.

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We generate our content in-house

Our team of award-winning graphic designers, content specialists, and multi-disciplined writers are all local and highly-experienced in creating content for industries including healthcare facilities, law firms, home improvement technicians, auto shops, beauty and cosmetic brands, and more.
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We will always obtain your approval

We help our clients maintain their company ethos through a collaborative content marketing process. After content has been created for your digital marketing campaign or website, our team will always send it to you for review and approval before making it live.

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We track results and growth

We provide regularly-scheduled custom reports that will provide our clients with insight on how our digital marketing strategies are growing their business.

KME's Content Marketing Process

Researching Potential Keywords

Upon signing onto’s SEO and content marketing services, one of our highly-certified Account Executives (AE) will begin keyword research using Google Tools to find the most relevant and highest-searched keywords that apply to your business. Once you validate that they are relevant and significant to your business and submit your approval, we will continue to develop and optimize your content with the approved keywords.

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Content Development and Creation

When we have the potential keywords approved, we will then form a content project schedule and assign deadlines for creating and editing the content, then sending it to you for further review. Our content creation involves strong collaboration and clear communication between your account executive and our in-house team of web developers, graphic designers, and content writers, who are all working together to ensure your digital campaigns contain effective content that provides your business with long-lasting results.

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Content Optimization

Along with developing content, we also update any online content or website that you may already be using. We edit your site through several methods such as having shared credentials, using a limited access administrative account, as well as providing recommendations to your current webmaster. This unifies our high-yield keywords and textual content on your website making sure it is the most favored result on search engines, thus optimizing your website’s SEO and increasing your business’ exposure online.
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Monthly SEO Reporting

Every month, we will share an overview of our progress, including what strategies we performed, our intended objectives, and the findings and results of our campaign for that month. These meetings will also involve further collaboration with you by discussing your expectations and deliberation of our results, as well as any goals you have for your business in the future.

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