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Optimizing the Instagram Algorithm For Your Business

Instagram recently released a ‘How Instagram Works’ series, which outlines how the algorithm works and sheds light on how Instagram ranks content and searches. This information is crucial for any business or content creator implementing

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UX Design 101

Nowadays, we see more and more businesses emphasizing not only their service or product but also the potential “experience” one will have upon receiving it. As you have probably experienced bad UX design–unclear language and

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The Business Pulse of Northern Virginia is developing a unique, regional business information index and service, based on data collected from many on and offline sources, as well as direct feedback from a community of business leaders. These are leaders

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Everything You Need to Know About PPC

Many questions surround Pay-Per-Click marketing. What is it? Is it worth investing in?  Will it help my business reach its goals? As more and more business is being done online, PPC marketing is becoming an

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Is Your Website Benefiting Your Business?

In the past year, digital storefronts – rather than brick-and-mortar ones – emerged as the primary interaction point for businesses and customers. But how much prosperity has your website brought to your business? And how

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