Potential clients are looking for your business. Optimizing organic search results is the most effective way to ensure that these searchers can find you, and make a purchase, sign up, or initiate contact. KME.digital is dedicated to ensuring that our clients are findable, and that they look great when they’re found.

How Does it Work?

Virginia SEO – and for any area – is a complicated and constantly changing process, because search engines are always updating their algorithms to better serve users. KME.digital’s process is time-tested, adaptable, and relies on hard work and genuine relevancy in order to produce results. The SEO industry is riddled with quick-fix solutions that won’t stand up to more than one or two algorithmic updates before becoming ineffective – our process is tailored to provide lasting, real, results.

Our Process:

1. Keyword Research: When you sign up for KME.digital’s Virginia SEO services, you’ll be paired with an Account Executive (AE) who holds a number of certifications and has the full backing of our technology department. Your AE will conduct keyword research using Google Tools in order to ensure that we find the most relevant, most searched phrases that will generate business for you. Once you approve of these keywords, and validate that they’re valuable and relevant, we’ll begin the optimization process.

2. Optimization: Your AE will work with you in order to gain access to your website. There are a number of ways that KME.digital can edit your current site, including shared credentials, a limited access administrative account, and a list of changes submitted to your current webmaster. These changes ensure that there is relevancy across our keywords and the text content of your site, and that search engine “bots” can properly digest the information that’s on each page. In short, we make sure that your site’s content is written for SEO.

3. Reporting: We’re all about reporting. Every month, we’ll share reports with you that reflect what we did, why we did it, and how it served our goals. Our reports include each keyword, its search engine rank, and data from previous months to show improvement. During these meetings, we’ll discuss your goals, your business, and address any action items for the past or upcoming month.

4. Take Off: Becoming findable in organic search results will positively impact your business. It’s part of our job to manage that growth, and scale with you. Whether it’s time to serve new geographies, expand your client base, or even franchise, KME.digital is here to help.