What is Evergreen Content?

by in Blog, Content August 3, 2020

In order to bring in consistent website traffic (which generates more leads, conversions, and higher profits), a business must offer worthwhile content on its site. While there is always more content to generate, the most effective thing to do is create content that stays fresh and lasts that way for as long as possible. Digital […]

How to Evaluate Your Website Content

by in Blog, Content, SEO June 16, 2020

Your website content is extremely important for both users and search engines. It educates your audience and search engines on what your website is about and its purpose. As an experienced content marketing agency in Fairfax, VA, our team at KME understands the best practices for effective website content. For people looking for information, products, […]

How to Write Content for SEO: Walking the Tightrope Between SEO and Interesting Content for Virginia Businesses

by in Content, SEO July 2, 2018

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) for Virginia businesses,¬†particularly here in Virginia, content is king. As a digital marketing agency in Northern Virginia, we are constantly writing new content for our clients and are faced daily with the task of balancing engaging content and SEO language. For each blog post or web page […]