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Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Digital marketing can increase your business’s reach by advertising your services and engaging potential customers. But to ensure the success of these steps, seek a professional digital marketing agency to develop, implement, and analyze your digital marketing strategy. A good agency can create a well-designed website, generate marketing content, and improve your online presence with search engine optimization.

For all your digital marketing needs, turn to in Fairfax, VA. We are dedicated to producing effective results through creative solutions. Moreover, we aim to be transparent with you; we customize your strategy by involving you throughout the process and providing custom monthly reports. comprises experts in web design, graphic design, content writing, social media, and analytics. Contact us at (703) 585-3321.

Below, we outline digital marketing tips for small businesses:


The bedrock of digital marketing, your business’s website, creates a global presence for communicating your brand and building trust with potential customers. It conveys your business’s identity and offering so you can direct traffic, generate leads, and capture customers. 

As of 2020, 72% of businesses have a website. However, you can gain an advantage over your competitors with a website that includes the following features:

  • About Page: Tell your company’s story and show you and your employees’ faces with photos. Detail your experience and unique selling points.
  • Social Media Links: Direct visitors to your social media pages with links. Feature social media buttons for sharing your website pages and blog posts.
  • Blog: Establish authority with an engaging blog. Detail your specific expertise and industry knowledge. Offer additional information surrounding your services to attract visitors to your website.
  • Brand Representation: Characterize your website with logos, colors, and a voice that are consistent with your brand message and style.

Experts at can develop your website for a positive user experience with easy navigation, fast loading speed, clear call-to-action statements, and manageable pieces of information. Use a digital marketing analyst to examine your website’s metrics over time so you can continue to improve it.

Content Marketing

Content marketing includes any communication material your business produces to encompass your service. Blogs, podcasts, infographics, emails, ebooks, and slide decks are all forms of content marketing.

Social media overlaps with content marketing, so analysts at will develop and distribute content productively across multiple social platforms in addition to content-specific platforms. We’ll use the following strategies to plan your content:

  • Schedule: Construct a calendar for creating and sharing content. Consider seasonality and promotion timing when scheduling topic development and distribution timelines.
  • Share: Distribute your content via email and social media to increase its reach. Create distribution lists specific to your target audiences.
  • Repurpose: Reuse content by reformatting it for different platforms. Update content with new information. Also, compile content to create an ebook.
  • Specialize: Specialize with evergreen content or by collaborating with guest speakers. Evergreen content is content that will always be relevant to your audience. Guest speakers specialize your content by contributing an outside take on your services.

Search Engine Optimization

digital marketing agency in Fairfax VA

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activates the power of your digital presence online. SEO is a strategic method for telling search engines what your content is about so that they can serve your material accordingly in search results. We will use SEO tactics on your website and social media to improve your website’s visibility. Analysts at incorporate SEO with the following practices:

  • Observe your rank: To strategically implement SEO, you need to understand your current ranking. This includes your domain authority and the number of visitors your pages receive. Also, observe the ranking of your local and industry competitors. 
  • Select Keywords: SEO is incorporated with keywords. Research keywords relevant to your subject matter, and determine which rankings are consistent with the number of visitors you are currently receiving. 
  • Analyze your rank: Measure changes in your rank over time. Identify prosperous SEO techniques and understand where you can improve. 

Social Media

KME can boost traffic to your website from social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. You can better understand and communicate with your audience through your social media platforms. Consider the following as your build your social media presence:

  • Identify Platforms: Begin your social media marketing on one or two platforms, that way you can focus your efforts to amplify your reach. Select the ones that will best communicate and organize your business’s message. 
  • Register your brand: Claim your brand on each platform your business will use so that your brand will not be claimed unrightfully. 
  • Maintain Consistency: Use the same profile pictures, colors, and banners across platforms. 
  • Engage: Create a two-way channel of communication on your platforms. Engage with your followers by inviting them to connect with you, and connect with them in response. 
  • Schedule: Similar to your overall marketing schedule, you should use a social media-specific schedule for generation and posting timelines. 
  • Analyze: Most social media platforms include analytics tools for you to measure your reach and statistics. Find out where you can improve by regularly analyzing your metrics. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is unique because you can segment your audience according to niche groups and funnel stages. Send newsletters and promotions to acquire leads and retain customers. You can further engage with your audience through interesting and informative email content. 

It is important to send emails regularly so your contacts anticipate your communications and remember your brand. Our analysts will apply the following steps to your email marketing strategy:

  • Select Platform: Choose an email platform that best suits your needs, depending upon features, number of contacts, and types of emails your business will send. 
  • Create Templates: Use your platform’s templates to customize different types of emails with your logo and corresponding themes. 
  • Create Contact Lists: Contact lists allow you to easily segment your emails so that you can send them to the people they address. Acquire contacts by offering website visitors something in exchange for their email addresses. Retain contacts after they become customers by sending them your newsletter. 
  • Analyze: Use the analytics tool on your email platform to understand contact and campaign statistics. A Professional Digital Marketing Agency in Fairfax, VA is a leading digital marketing agency in Fairfax, VA that works with big and small businesses throughout Northern Virginia. Our team can create your digital marketing strategy from conception to high-achieving results. At, we value short-term contracts to ensure your satisfaction. We remain vigilant of the digital marketing industry by maintaining a valuable relationship with Google for early access and training. Contact us at (703)-585-3321.

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