2020 Social Media Essentials: Twitter

by Avatar in Blog, Social Media August 17, 2020

Businesses around the world have the capability to easily connect with their target audience by posting to Twitter. With new updates occurring often, it can be challenging to stay on top of your A-game as you continue to create posts and extend your reach.

To continue making informed decisions, small and large businesses alike are enlisting the assistance of an expert online marketing agency to ensure successful user engagement. At KME.digital, our social media management team does just that for clients of all kinds across the nation.

Make sure you’re staying ahead of the curve with the latest features of Twitter below:

Hide Replies to Tweets

Twitter has given users more control over managing conversations by allowing users to hide replies to their tweets. They aren’t completely hidden, however, as there’s a “View hidden replies” in the Tweet’s dropdown. This can be beneficial for brands by allowing them to increase the relevancy of engagement by weeding out spam replies, for example.

At the same time, advertisers should exercise discernment with this feature, as hiding replies can also limit valuable information and recommendations being shared about your brand by users.

Revival of Lists

In light of Twitter’s recent series of improvements to the Lists feature, it remains a valuable tool for marketers to build and engage with a curated feed of content informed by specific topics and interests.

Benefits of Lists for brands include curating relevant conversations, keeping tabs on competitors and staying up-to-date with industry trends.

Video Focus

Video ads are Twitter’s fastest-growing ad format, and the platform has expanded its offerings for advertisers in the past year.

A new bidding option allows advertisers to run a 15-second or shorter ad, but only be charged if it’s viewed for six-seconds with pixels at 50% in-view. It leaves room for running longer creative content while appealing to brands interested in solid view rates.

Additionally, Twitter’s “Timing is Everything” Tool launched in March 2019 enables advertisers to optimize video content by showing when users are watching the videos on your account.

Grow Your Brand with Professional Social Media Management in Virginia!

With Twitter being the most active social media channel for businesses, it’s important to stay current on new updates. While you’re busy running your own business, seeking out the assistance of a professional social media management agency can ensure your success! Our team at KME.digital is dedicated to creating social media campaigns that are aligned with your business goals and objectives. Not to mention, we also have an eye for design and can provide a campaign that engages with your audience and encourages them to reach out to you.

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