Digital Social Intelligence – Reliable, Affordable Marketing & Business Data From and WestXDC is building our data intelligence services to benefit growing businesses and brands, economic development and growth investment. Combined with market research, audience surveys and networking insight (generated via, our digital social intelligence analysis can help understand what audiences are saying about your brand, products or services. This analysis – a blend of AI/ML-based data science and expert assessment – is a conversational analytic research program that delivers real data and valuable insights.

West by DC ( is a new Northern Virginia business growth and investment resource, generating and sharing local economic intelligence, conversation and insight from all relevant, energized business networks and resources – harnessing collective energy, storytelling, business acumen and engagement of owners, leaders and researchers in the area. On a platform of social fun. This is current and useful data and insight simply not available anywhere else, for local businesses.

Understanding local economic conditions and customer trends is difficult – whether pursuing an audience for your business, organization or service, or evaluating where to invest in local marketing, expansion, site-selection or events. Listening to and evaluating customer needs and perception online can be very time-consuming, and without applied digital and business intelligence, can be limited or unproductive. 

Listen and collect brand, topic and location insights across all online conversations and social media, and adjust marketing and business plans to respond – using data science.

Using AI/ML technology, KME can quickly aggregate, curate and focus conversational input from all available sources – blogs, social media, forums, discussions and many other social channels. This raw input is the basis for applied analytics and reporting – yielding key insights for a brand or topic in terms of sentiment, reach, amplification, engagement and other factors. 

Yes, there are individual tools and platforms to help out there, like BuzzSumo, Sprout Social and Synthesio – but curating, assessing and aligning data across many sources and platforms for specific benefit of your business – requires hands-on data engineering and analysis. Probably not your business – but definitely ours.

Every day, consumers leave millions of breadcrumbs scattered across the web detailing their personal experiences, opinions and perspectives on every topic imaginable. This “conversational data,” or voice-of-the-consumer (VoC) influence is vast, exponentially expanding and often overlooked. When used right, conversational analytics insights are applicable across B2B, B2C and B2G organizations, enabling your business or GovCon to anticipate missions and marketplace opportunities, find partners, manage risks and even benchmark directly against your competition.

Here’s a recent example – exploring who’s discussing what, reflecting demand, needs and trends, in the Virginia home renovation market.  All kinds if insight, from all online social channels, reveal data for planning and investment in markets, products, services (contact us for more information about this particular report, and more like it).

Digital Social Intelligence

What do we do with this data?

We correlate it – meaning, we match up against other kinds of non-conversational data, to clarify the picture of economic demand in an area.  For example, matching and validating these conversational demand signals with online search activity. Below is a quick view into recent “landscaping” oriented search analysis – if customers are indicating interest online, in both social conversation and search, that’s real focus for your planning:

Digital Social Intelligence

Our team is equipped with the latest social listening and artificial intelligence (AI) sentiment-monitoring tools to follow those scattered breadcrumbs and lead your business to profit, growth and market expansion success. Our data analysts are marketplace research specialists with decades of industry expertise, and our data engineering team and partners can create an array of monitoring and reporting mechanisms to fit your budget or need. 

Social listening is the missing link, in 2nd-party data

Where do businesses, investors and agencies typically find information online, about consumer sentiment, interest, understanding of a brand, product or service? 

There are three primary layers of data that can be used. Unlike any other Virginia digital marketing agency, KME has now expanded into utilization of all three:

  • 1st-party data
    You have this now, KME can help you understand and use it

    • Your own sales, marketing & business data, assessments – i.e. from sales, web and mobile analytics
    • Joint,integrated analysis of your website, mobile and social analytics – with an agency like 
  • 2nd-party data – from a trusted provider
    KME has unique offerings to generate this data, including our WestXDC brand focusing on Northern Virginia – a “social enterprise for regional economic prosperity.

    • Tailored community surveys
    • Business network(s) intelligence, conversation, discussion
    • Public digital social intelligence data and assessment – leveraging multiple conversational data aggregators and feeds
    • Curated, localized, analyzed public data and reports
    • Competitor analysis
  • 3rd-party data – external sources and integration
    KME uses and tracks these for all customers

    • Ad networks (i.e PPC bid data)
    • Industry and news media
    • Commercial/University surveys and reports
    • Government (Federal, state, local) data, reports, opportunities
    • Data brokers

Contact us today at for more information about our “social intelligence” capabilities, and to leverage data science and analytics to find customers, grow your business and support strategic investment planning.