Federal #GovCon BD, #CaptureManagement and Market Intelligence; Can #AI, #ML and #B2G Digital Marketing Help Get More Government Leads? (#B2GAI, #B2GSEO)

by Avatar in Blog, Government October 20, 2019

The Federal government contractor’s community (a.k.a. GovCon) has been maturing the process and tools used to develop, find and win more government leads and contracts for a very long time. The Govcon capture management process in particular is now a well-understood strategy, taking advantage of Internet tools, resources and data accessibility to maximize collaborative success with business development (BD), sales and proposal managers, as well as PWIN (Probability of Win). As shared in the excellent article ” How GovCon Changed over 40 years – an Industry Veteran’s View of the History of Capture Management” (featuring Eric Gregory, Senior Vice President for Shipley Associates), “The biggest shift is in accessibility to information. Organizations like Deltek, with GovWin, come into play providing opportunity, customer, competitor, and award information.”

“Accessibility to information” in the government acquisition ecosystem works both ways, however.

Government contracting capture leads, procurement leads and BD pipeline owners have online, digital access to most government contract information – as published by government-wide acquisition services and the Agencies themselves. Following are some great examples:

(Note: FBO/FedBizOpps is moving to beta.sam.gov Nov. 8, 2019)

There exist many, many more public and private sources of published information about Federal, state and local contract bid opportunities. Many established commercial tools provide aggregated access to updated information on multiple opportunity posting databases. A very few advanced, emerging software-as-a-service (SaaS – i.e. cloud-based software services) platforms offer even broader and more updated access to GovCon contract postings and data feeds, with enhanced government market intelligence search and custom ” relevant government BD pipeline opportunity recommendations ” shaped by use of AI/ML (artificial intelligence/machine learning) algorithms.  An example of this is Capture2Proposal (C2P), a lower-cost, flexible and efficient alternative to GovWin, for GovCon capture teams to find, track and share leads and pipeline information. This kind of all-in-one Govcon BD platform/suite also provides digital BD/capture lifecycle data integration, collaboration, proposal and document management tools for significant decrease of time, costs and effort (i.e. higher ROI for the sales/BD team).

Government acquisition teams, program managers, procurement officials and market research professionals (i.e. the B2G customer) also have access to all kinds of online tools and digital information regarding the supply-side of GovCon contracting.  While smart, AI/ML-infused BD/capture management tools like Capture2Proposal (capture2.com) can dig deep and uncover all kinds of continually-updated published or projected information about agencies and their acquisition plans, the government has even greater access to online information (both public and government-only sources) about your own company, its products and services, and the state of the market in general.

Why does this matter? Because you need to control and influence how the government acquisition community (not only agencies, but potential partners, subs, OEM vendors and employees) finds, assesses and uses information about you on the Internet.  This is called ” B2G digital marketing ” – essentially using modern, online digital marketing and advertising techniques in a way that aligns with the acquisition process, procurement terminology and contracting requirements of the government.

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