B2G Strategies for Marketing to Government in the Digital Age – 3 Part Whitepaper

by Avatar in Government March 24, 2019

KME.digital announces the availability of a 3-Part whitepaper entitled “Strategies for Business Marketing to Government in the Digital Age“, to assist our Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland-area #govcon community with B2G digital marketing – particularly smaller and mid-sized businesses.

What is B2G digital marketing?  It’s the practice of applying normally commercial or B2B SEO, digital marketing and advertising to government sales, using the language of government procurement.

Part 1, available online for download, covers B2G smaller business goals, audience and customers.

“With this in mind, it turns out that marketing and selling to the government involves up to eight primary audiences. All of whom use the Internet, and Google (even Bing), a lot. They also search using Twitter and LinkedIn, search among industry discussion groups, and search even a bit on YouTube (growing quickly). Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook – not so much (at least in the U.S.). This really shouldn’t be surprising – but it seems still to be, to so many of the companies and marketing teams we speak with. Even the largest ones, who tend to have marketing teams led and staffed from the ranks of the traditional PR/marketing crowd, vs. the hungry, informed and #agile #B2G #digitalmarketing startups.”

Part II, available on request from KME.digital, focuses more specifically on the B2G GovCon Business Development role, and specifically what these professionals can do to leverage digital marketing throughout the acquisition cycle, the procurement process. This includes the other roles involved and collaborating, from Capture to Sales & Marketing, Solutions Architecture, Proposal and Program Management.

Contact KME.digital for a Part III discussion, concerning the explicit B2G digital marketing tactics your company, capture, marketing and business development staff can execute with our help.

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