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Why A Customized Approach is Better Than Facebook’s Campaign Ideas Generator

The pace of the digital world requires that your business keep a vigorous social media presence. But a content marketing strategy–which entails frequent posts and responding to comments and messages–can exhaust and overwhelm business owners. Recently, social media giant Facebook released its Campaign Ideas Generator to help companies “develop content for new campaigns.” Yet their tool only deals with a social media campaign’s first step. Instead, invest in a solution that handles all campaign steps for you.

For businesses around the Fairfax, VA, region, that solution is KME.digital. We are Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia’s leading digital marketing agency. Unique among our peers, we offer monthly contracts so that you retain control over your marketing strategy. With services ranging from content and social media marketing to UX Design and PPC Management, we handle your business’s online presence. Get in touch today for a digital evaluation!

Below, we explain why a customized content marketing approach serves your business better than Facebook’s Campaign Ideas Generator:

  1. Campaign Ideas are Just the Start
    As you might already know, generating campaign and/or content ideas is a tricky, sometimes frustrating task. Even people who consider themselves “creative types” may spend significant time just generating ideas. Any tool that can simplify the process is hard to pass up.

    However, campaign ideas are only the first step of a successful online campaign. For instance, once you develop content based on a campaign idea, you must post it online. Yet every social media platform–including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook–has functions and quirks specific to it. Thus, you must refine all content for each outlet.

    Granted, effective social media teams go through the content generation process like everyone else. However, they also tailor their material for specific platforms, update posts as necessary, advise on the best times to post specific content, and more.

  2. Your Ideas and Campaigns Must Stand Out From the Rest
    Now and then, some companies get ahead of the curve by adopting new technology before it becomes popular. This happened with social media platforms years ago—but the secret is out. Virtually all organizations have a digital presence and publish materials onto these spheres.

    The sheer amount of content on social media far exceeds any individual’s ability to read it. That means your content must stand out to capture anyone’s attention. Frankly, the Campaign Ideas Generator’s program produces no more than a few derivative content ideas. 

    Building a strong social media presence requires that your content reaches and connects with your target audience. It demands that you tailor your ideas, tone, and messaging for these individuals. Boiler-plate ideas simply lack such development.

  3. Allow Your Campaigns to Grow and Change With Your Services
    If your business has been around for a while, its services and appeals have probably evolved. Perhaps your target audience has shifted, or your products now lean towards a specialization. These developments occur as smart business owners adapt to their market.

    Yet such changes require that your campaigns adjust too. A customized approach allows you to reorient your content for different readers or to spend more time discussing certain topics. However, a generic method cannot adapt so easily.

    By trying to appeal to all businesses, the Campaign Ideas Generator is only somewhat useful to any. It’s too blunt an instrument for the precise task of messaging. And while a content team can accommodate new ideas, a program spits out the same material.

  4. Consistent Branding and Feedback
    It seems like a contradiction that your campaigns must change with your business and remain consistent in branding. Still, even as your services and audience adjust, you must continue offering recognizable value to clients. Reinventing your business every few years will confuse and lose customers.

    Thankfully, an effective marketing agency can support your long-term brand strategy and provide the scaffolding for consistency. By building in some wiggle room, they can keep your campaigns persistent and regular, even if you modify your business.

    Again, the Campaign Ideas Generator can only offer a certain amount of content ideas. It cannot know what branding you’ve done up to then, so it can’t accommodate a new strategy.

  5. Custom Reporting and Valuable Partnerships
    How popular are your content ideas? What stands out on social media and with whom? While anyone can post about their business, much fewer understand why their content resonates or flops. That knowledge requires the right tools and a firm understanding of the field.

    KME offers custom reporting so that clients can understand how well their social media campaigns work and why. We also have access to pre-release versions of digital tools to get advanced insights into the digital landscape. Based on our findings, we customize your campaigns for maximum engagement.

    Moreover, we can evaluate your website’s content to better understand its performance. After all, the content you post on social media should attract visitors to your site. We take this a step further: how well does your site hold visitors’ attention?

  6. Transparency and Responsiveness
    Finally, a customized approach from an agency affords far more transparency than a program from a major social media company. While the latter may be a helpful tool, its creators are not beholden to users—they need not explain how their system works.

    An agency, on the other hand, shares its approach with customers and ensures that it receives approval. They seek to work with clients to find the proper solution for them, not a one-size-fits-all answer. 

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